Predictive data for proactive decisions – every day!

Your experience, your unique understanding of your crops, is a powerful resource for decision making. But in the evolving farming landscape where technology advancements are being delivered through new data, this is simply not enough!

Imagine if you could combine all your accumulated farming wisdom, with the most advanced agri-data available…. what a valuable asset that would make! Today and into the future….

Now imagine taking your new knowledge asset and enhancing it in such an intelligent way, that it can provide you accurate and accessible predictive information on a daily basis….

This is the promise of Crop Manager, a unique web based application, developed by Data Into Profit for the benefit of all agricultural professionals.

Crop Manager has the ability to learn from every decision made each season, becoming more intelligent as time passes. This guarantees that I am continually improving the services and recommendations that I am providing my farming partners.

Lawrence Kirton, Agronomist